New Home On the Range (Click for video)

With heartfelt thanks to Parks Canada, we honour the initial, sacred, "no fences" return of the buffalo to the wilderness. Volant Visuals presents John Spearn: New Home on the Range.

Classic Folklore

John tackles many topics and genres from historical people and events to folklore.

Moments of History

John's music will transport you through time to special places.

Songs for Canada

Book Canada's iconic, tour-hardy "singin' teacher" now to help celebrate your 'fest, club, or event!
“...We have a song!”,-Vern Flatekval, Armstrong, BC, WW2 Veteran, Lancaster Bomber Tail End Charlie, Memorial Mountain Project, April 2009.
“...This material should be on the front shelf of every library”, -Lionel Conant, Music on the Mountain Festival Artistic Director, B.C.
“...Unbelievable...The Find of the Year!..”, -Jim Marino, Freewheelin’ Folk, CFMU Radio, (June 30, 2012) Hamilton, On.


46 of the project's finest original tunes can now be sampled (free!) from Bandcamp. Click here to enjoy them all!